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What is CEX.IO?[edit]

CEX.IO is a regulated multi-optional cryptocurrency exchange established in 2013 and now serving over 3 million customers overworld. The project supported by 99% of countries and 43 US states. It is the slogan of CEX.IO is "Our mission is to provide a gateway into the world of an open financial system".


CEX.IO is a team of enthusiast professionals working in different offices around the world: in the

  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • United States of America
  • Ukraine
  • Cyprus
  • Gibraltar

Each of CEX.IO specialist is high-qualification person who have goal and try to reach it!


Over the last few years, CEX.IO has grown into a group of companies with licenses in multiple jurisdictions. The project was registered as Money Services Businesses (MSB), control by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a bureau of the US Department of the Treasury. 2013 - The project was started
2014 - Deposits with debit card added
2015 - Release of mobile app
2016 - Withdrawls to debit cards added
2017 - FinCEN independent compliance audit
2018 - Launch of CryptoUK
2019 - US Office launc
2020 - New services: Staking, Instant Sell and other

That is not the end of the company evolution!

CEX.IO continue to build new services and improve existing. CEX.IO is also is a member of CryptoUK, an associating at building cooperation between the large cryptocurrency players and regulatory authorities in the UK.