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What is Chorus One?[edit]

Chorus One is not an old company with an antiqued system of managing. The slang of the company is "We are a community of ambitious, self - reflective people building core infrastructure for blockchain protocols." How we can understand that the main point of Chorus One is to make a cryptoeconomics and decentralized networks enable to peer-to-peer collaboration at scale and propel the next stage of human evolution.


Referring to the main point of the company, Chorus One community just try to reach important organisation goals which entail the improvement of cryptoeconomics. The main impacts they seek are:

  • Freedom

Chorus One is not a company which want to restrict user`s freedom. Chorus One is a company which try to maximize token holder`s and user`s freedom and choice, how much they can! The company protecting the community`s rights and supporting open access and permissionless innovation.

  • Security

Chorus team enable users to try the most secure and professional product. Quality is not sacrificed for the time limit.

  • Everlasting sustainability

The company is aiming to the long-term sustainability. They made gigantic contributing to the term health and success of the networks. The developers and company are interested in a large ecosystem and try to reach their goals via balancing objectives.


The Chorus`s team is not a large community of developers, but each of there is high-qualified workers!

  • Brian Fabian Crian
  • Meher Roy
  • Brendan Dillon
  • Joe Bowman
  • Felix Lutsch
  • Sean Smith
  • Dave
  • Parth Desai
  • Mikolaj Kucharski
  • Ankit Malik