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What are DeBots?[edit]

DeBots or decentralized bots - are the various bots which work inside Surf that help users navigate the blockchain and execute specific tasks on it within an easy-to-use interface. DeBots can have a diversity of new features and capabilities. Every blockchain has a specific function.
For example, Chain Rider Bot help to initiate wallet and give test tokens in developer mode.

Will there be more DeBots?[edit]

Obviously Surf will maintain new DeBots from FreeTON or even from unknown developers. There are happy to get a new idea from new perspective developers!


The DeBot platform consists of the next elements:

  • DeBot smart contract;
  • DeBot browser;
  • Target smart contract(s)

There is a lot of features which users need to know.
For example, one target smart contract can have several DeBots.

DeBot is unfolded to the blockchain. To start a DeBot it must be downloaded to the client and executed inside the DeBot browser instance.


In one of the embodiments of the current invention, a Decentralized Notification Service can be established which emits messages while storing their hash. The user`s mobile ID is stored in a smart contract persistence storage together with the message body.


The verification of data an end-user gets from a blockchain is done through Merkle proofs and execution of it is performed by a Local Virtual Machine. All of the functions are automatized by developers.

Here is an example of an Account proof process when it loads in SDK.

  • Deserialize BOC
  • Check JSON correctness with respect to struct from BOC
  • Load shard state root hash
  • Check proof for account in shard state
  • Load block
  • Check proof for shard state in block
  • Load shard
  • Load master chain block
  • Check shard proof (compare hashes in proof and state's merkle update in block)


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