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What is FreeTON?

The main token of FreeTON Blockchain is typically called TON Crystal, however, sometimes it calls as the TON.
All of these names are used in FreeTON Community.
To get TONs developers need to work for the company improvements.

How can you get tokens?

At the moment, TON Crystal tokens (Tons) and other tokens of FreeTON blockchain are not available for sale or even exchange to other crypto assets based on a decision made by the TON Community. Every user can get tokens in contests like a present for winning. In FreeTON existing three types of contests:

  • Developers need to create some tools for safety operations
  • Developers need to develop a new system of voting for inside work in the community
  • The last one type is connected with developing more comfortable options for splitting tokens in the company.

FreeTON Community cares about developers and provide good price for their work. Prize fund of every contest is from 70000 to 100000 tokens - that is splendid motivation to try yourself in competition.


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