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Free TON is a blockchain platform based on TON OS. Free TON was launched May 7 2020.

Cryptocurrency of FreeTON blockchain is TON Crystal.


Free TON will be distributed via “Giver Contracts” who are responsible for distributing TONs to 3 major groups:

  • Users
  • Validators
  • Developers

Referral Giver be responsible for airdropping coins to initial users via a referral program.
This will be the largest group, and Referral Givers will give away 85% of all TONs.

Free TON Roadmap[edit]

Stage I ”Raging Bull” — Incentivized Beta Network with a Decentralized Time Bomb (DTB)
Stage II ”Rumble Fish” — Incentivized Beta Network with validator voting for Network Configuration
Stage III “Fight Club” — Decentralized Main Network, at the point where decentralization is sufficiently achieved

Free TON is everything Telegram Open Network would be – but without Telegram. The team project aims at creating a decentralized network using all the research and development which went into the original TON (a project that was cancelled due to regulatory issues).