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What is it?[edit]

Slogan of the company is

"Synergy of an efficient, reliable and low-cost network for the Internet of Things, proven line of autonomous sensor devices and Free TON public blockchain platform."

IoT on TON is a balanced solution designed to bring together advantages of a global LPWAN and TON blockchain.
Currently, in the pipeline, the project is steered by Trioti, a Russian-Italian JV.
The main idea is to combine network setup and sensor circuit design expertise of the Russian GoodWAN with TON blockchain data collection, processing and distribution potential. IoT on TON includes a lot of new functions which are helpful for every user!

How it works?[edit]

All the administration needs is to order gadgets from a factory, give them to the facility manager to install around the building and connect to an app in a couple of clicks.
The system will take care of the rest from data tracking and processing to billing.