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What is master password?[edit]

FreeTON is one of platform, which includes a unique master password - mnemonic seed phrase consisting of twelve specific words in a specific order.

Your master password is automatically generated when you create your Surf account.
When Surf generating master passwords it uses a preselected dictionary of words that are chosen to be easily distinguishable from each other even in handwriting, and always checks the password against this dictionary as you enter it.
FreeTON Community strongly recommends you to hide your password and do not share it with others. You can write your Master password on a paper and take it to the safe place. Is not a joke about the importance of your password, that is about your security.

If you lose or forget your master password, you will lose access to your Surf account. You can not restore your master password, Surf base does not store user`s PINs and passwords.

The unique master password cannot be changed for your account safety.

How to keep the account secure?[edit]

One of the most important questions from users is "How to keep the account secure?"

At first, you need to understand that the privacy of your account is addicted to you.
You should hide your PINs and passwords from others eyes. Check your account settings and check where your master password stored (PC, tablet, smartphone or other gadgets).


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