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MixBytes is developing cutting-edge blockchain project. The project team say that MixBytes is a team of experienced developers providing top-notch blockchain solutions, smart contract security audits and tech advisory.


We know that MixBytes supported different services and platforms.

  • Decentralized Solutions Development

Providing blockchain technology into different spheres and industries.

  • Smart Contracts Audit

Full check of code vulnerabilities and logical errors.

  • Smart Contract and DApps

Development, testing and deployment tailor-made smart contracts and bespoke business logic.

  • Blockchain Tech Consulting

Expert assistance in DLT implementation.

  • MixBytes tank

Blockchain stability and performance benchmarking tool.

  • Haya

Framework for developing customized blockchain products with individual logic.


  • Alex Makeev
  • Vadim Buyanov
  • Sergey Prilutskiy
  • Daria Vystavkina