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Nil Foundations was started in April of 2018 by a group of projects originating from 2011 and 2013 based on similar technologies in order to support their development and ensure wider dissemination.

Nil Foundation is a young company that makes progress in improvements of crypto, data storage and financial spheres. The project is like an example of inheritance.


Nil Foundation is also the owner of other projects:

  • =nil; Crypto3`s Filecion Prover

The project is a more performant and less hardware demanding Filecoin prover alternative.

  • =nil; Foundation Database

That is an extremely configurable database management system which can be turned into a document storage, column storage, graph storage or even authenticated transaction log storage.

  • =nil; Crypto3 Cryptography Suite (libcrypto3)

Cryptography suite contains multiple modules from encoding (e.g. base64) to complex public-key protocols (e.g. threshold schemes, zero-knowledge protocol or verifiable delay functions).


Nil Foundation`s partners is:

  • FreeTON


  • =nil;Protocol

The team of Nil Protocol is dedicated to communication and database replication protocol design and development.

  • =nil;Database

Database team is dedicated to data storage system architecture research, design and development.

  • =nil;Crypto

=nil;Crypto is a team dedicated to design and development of cryptography theoretical construction and implementation.