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P2P.org is a useful platform which helps investors compound their cryptocurrency investments by participating in staking. The company offer highly available, secure and non-custodial staking service.

Advantages of the company[edit]

  • Simple

Stake your assets with P2P Validator and get a reward from staking. There is no need to be a specialist in technical acknowledgement, just follow the development updates and everything will be done for you.

  • Secure

P2P`s infrastructure was built with maximum security and performance in mind. An average uptime of 99% ensures your rewards are generated continuously.

  • Investment Expertise

Team of P2P.org provides exhaustive financial analysis prior to picking the most proven, successful and promising blockchain networks, so you can enjoy high profitability for your investments.

  • Smart Governance

P2P.org is one of the companies where decentralisation is an important part of the work. They sure that community is the key.

Supported Projects[edit]