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TON Labs SDK has every feature you need to create a DApp within TON:

  • deploy smart contracts;
  • send external messages to smart contracts
  • emulate contract execution locally
  • query blockchain data;
  • subscribe to blockchain data updates
  • decode ABI-compatible messages
  • estimate fees
  • generate keys, mnemonics
  • encrypt and decrypt data; calculate hashes
  • [soon] validate data from the very Zero State using merkle proofs;


At the moment SDK supports these languages and platforms:

  • Javascript (Platforms: Node.js, Web, React-Native for IOS/Android)
  • Rust

Rust Core Library[edit]

All Client Libraries use core Rust library TON-SDK, that includes all 'heavy' functions, which is already pre-compiled for target service and architectures and published to Amazon S3.

It provides json-api interface for Javascript and Rust Client Libraries.