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Surf is a diverse platform where everybody can find what they need or even want. Surf is the best find for each person, that is a good possibility of developing as a developer, crypto expert etc. The company provides good environment for specialists and simple users!

What is Surf Developer Mode?[edit]

Developer mode is a function which allows to switch Surf to the Free TON devnet, a separate blockchain, running the latest stable version of Free TON, that is used for the purposes of development and testing.

How it works?[edit]

The devnet has its own test coins – Rubies. They have no real value and can be freely obtained both in Surf directly, and from devnet support. Also, that while any Tons you have on your account won’t be available in the Developer mode, your address will stay the same. Only the network Surf connects to will be changed. But there are some exceptions if you want a different devnet address you can log out of Surf and create a new wallet.

How to earn coins in Developer Mode?[edit]

The easiest way is by asking Chain Rider Bot. In developer mode, it can once grant any account 100 Rubies. Since devnet is used for testing goals, it can, on rare occasions, undergo full restarts, that wipe all account and transaction history. In such an event you can request test Rubies from the Chain Rider bot again.


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