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Tondev CLI is a command-line tool that helps you perform these operations with minimum effort:

  • run TON OS SE on your computer
  • compile your Solidity contracts
  • convert TON addresses
  • generate ed25519 key pairs

While installed globally, ton-dev-cli package places its executable tondev into system path, so you could use it everywhere in your file system as a main command to invoke the tools.


tondev info (or just tondev) - to see current status
tondev -V - to see ton-dev-cli version
tondev -a - to see versions of the compilers and node containers available in DockerHub registry
tondev -h or tondev --help for the help about usage, options and subcommands


In order to get started, run: tondev setup

The command triggers Docker image pull from DockerHub registry and launches the corresponding containers:

tonlabs-compilers-<local user name> that is used for building solidity contracts tonlabs-local-node-<local user name> is a local TON node container runs compiled contracts.

And other codes for TONDEV Cli you can find in the official web!