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TON Labs is positioning as a global company with a decentralised team. TON Labs is an international company with a decentralized team of 60+ high-qualified developers, engineering and professionals. The company founded in May 2018, the company is focused on developing core infrastructure and an open-source ecosystem for TON (The Open Network).


The secure and accessible of TON Dev and TON Surf environments are designed to deliver a complete TON node implementation, a versatile toolchain, and a set of client-side tools, as well as novel ways for users to interact with fintech services.


Free deliver products and solutions to make benefits of the blockchain technology available to everyone and to contribute to building a genuine decentralised economy that meets user needs and expectations.

  • TON Dev

TON Dev a comprehensive open-source toolkit that provides the entire development and usage cycle of blockchain products.

  • TON Surf

Decentralized wallet, bot browser and blockchain developer environment for the new company.