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What is TON OS?[edit]

TON Operating system is an intermediary between a user and a blockchain - a distributed verifiable computing platform. Essentially, TON OS is system software that manages computer hardware, software resources, and provides similar services for computer programs.

A modern blockchain like Free TON is not just an immutable ledger. Bitcoin and other earlier blockchains were mostly ledgers, yet even Bitcoin supports a non-Turing complete script that provides some transaction execution instructions. In fact, the Bitcoin script is a Forth-like instruction set, which makes it somewhat common in origin to TON Virtual Machine assembly language, but more on that later.

Dezentralised computer[edit]

Blockchains is a good candidate to be named as a decentralized computer.

Let's read some arguments.

A classical operating system is expected to provide:

  • Memory Management
  • Processor Managing
  • Device Managing
  • File handling
  • Security Handling

and others.

Let's compare with TON OS and the services it provides:

  • Memory Management
  • Device Managing
  • Processor Managing
  • File Handling
  • System performance control
  • Security Handling
  • Job accounting and handling
  • Error detecting and handling
  • Synchronization with other software and users